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Repair your pool screen from Pool Screen Repair Services Bradenton LTD to bring privacy and security to your outdoor pool area. Our pool screens are an excellent investment in prolonging your pool’s comfort and time spent in it. It not only protects you but also keeps your pool cooler in the summer. A screened pool will help lower the expense of pool maintenance by providing a barrier against pesky bugs and flying debris.

Pool Screen Repair Bradenton FL creates fantastic pool screen rooms to keep pests and insects far from you. Our repairing services take care of the leaves too.  Rather than working hard to maintain your pool clean, let the professionals do it for you! 

In a lovely screen enclosure, you may enjoy your summer with friends and family. We have a competent pool screen repairer on staff, and we never sacrifice quality service. We take pleasure in our work, offer high-quality repair services, and maintain a clean and safe work environment for our workers and clients.

Services We Offer

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So, what can come up suddenly? Well, different factors like weather damage, corrosion can cause problems for your pool cage screens.



The pool screen’s primary purpose is to secure the pool from dirt, dust or insects. From the time of building a pool screen, most of these lasted 10-12 years.

Patio Screen & Rescreening


After enjoying and relaxing under your pool screen enclosures for several years like 5 or more, you might detect that the screen is saggy, or the stitching.

Is This The Right Time to Repair Your Pool Screen?

Our way of life includes humid weather, windy days, and bright sunshine. They are, however, all foes of your pool screen, with the ability to do enough damage. Time and repeated exposure to the environment will ultimately damage and degrade your displays. Minor damage to your pool screens can be readily repaired, mainly if the damage is limited to a single screen. Extensive damage, such as windstorm damage, may demand costly repairs. As a result, a complete rescreening or replacement may be more cost-effective.
Furthermore, suppose you want to sell your house within the next few years. In that case, a pool screen repair will most likely be adequate to maintain your screens in good condition for the sale of your property.

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Expert Pool Screen Repair Company Near You

Whether your screens are broken or worn down due, you can rely on our affordable pool screen repair company for comprehensive screen services for your house. Our skilled professionals may repair your existing screens or install new screens with white, bronze, or mill finish metal frames for the right aesthetic.

From the initial contact till the completion of the job, we give our clients a fantastic experience. Pool Screen Repair Bradenton accomplishes this by providing a large selection of screens, high-quality products, alternatives, and custom options for a wide range of budgets, proficient and polite service technicians, and a professional and stress-free experience.

Pool Screen Repair Bradenton FL can fix any rip or tear in your screen, whether you scratched it with a pool brush or a squirrel attempting to get in. Our professionals will analyze the damage and go over your choices with you. If you have several rips or missing panels, replacing the complete screen casing may be more cost-effective. Repairing one panel can be as cheap as $75. We may replace your screen with a narrower mesh if you want extra protection from insects or pests.



We’ve been in the pool screen business for a long time and have plenty of experience to solve your pool screen issues. We’ll discuss your screen problems before we begin your project to know what you’re in for.


Each repairing and installation job is handled with the highest care and skill. Our crew is well-versed in all safety elements, ensuring that you have a safe and secure experience.


You can rely on our high-quality service as we’re one of the top pool screen repair companies. Pool Screen Repair Bradenton is fully insured, licensed, and qualified. We have all the necessary legal permissions and documentation.


When it comes to professional screen repair services, we don’t let our clients be skeptical. Our repairers and installers are well-trained and handle each client with professionalism and honesty.

We're Ready to Take Care of Your Pool Screen

Pool Screen Repair Bradenton understands the challenges of performing repairs and approaches a repair assignment most simply and effectively. Don’t waste money on useless tools and supplies, and don’t compromise your safety while repairing a pool screen. Allow us to fix your screen so you can sit back and relax in the sun. Since Pool Screen Repair Bradenton FL provides reasonable rates for minor repairs, contacting us can save you time and money for more essential things


Small pool screen repair prices from $200 to $600, while significant structural repairs range from $600 to $2,500. The cost of rescreening a pool enclosure is between $1,200 and $3,500, or $0.75 and $1.50 per square foot of screen surface. 

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