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A Guide to the Pool Cage Dilemma: To Repair or To Replace

A pool may be a great pleasure, providing endless entertainment and rest throughout the stifling summer. However, the glistening allure of your oasis is often protected by an essential component – a pool cage. Over time, like all things, your pool cage may showcase signs of wear and tear, leading to a common, yet crucial, dilemma – to repair or to replace? 

Our comprehensive guide delves deeper into the complexities and cost comparisons of pool cage repair versus replacement, aiming to help you navigate this common predicament easily and confidently. With a focus on factors such as the extent of damage, costs, materials, and time, we’ll walk you through every aspect that could influence your decision-making process. Let’s dive in!

What’s Best for Your Pool Cage? Repair or Replace

Repairing pool screens is a relatively simple task. Repairing small tears and rips is easy. But repairing sections of the pool cage requires a larger investment. These larger repairs are not worth the money, as they will only last for a while.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be better off replacing the entire enclosure. Learn to determine if it is time to replace or repair the pool cage.

How Can You Tell if Your Pool Cage Needs to Be Repaired?

The materials used in pool enclosures will deteriorate with time. Minor repairs done sooner than later will keep your pool enclosure in great condition, saving you money.

Here are some warning signs that your pool cage needs to be repaired.

Small tears and rips: Animals such as pets, squirrels, and other animals can tear the mesh of your screen with their teeth and claws. These small rips will become more visible if you do not repair them. This allows unwanted insects and animals to enter your patio enclosure.

Paint flaking or loosening: Have you noticed paint flaking or loosening? Like your home, pool cages must be repainted every five years. Many people paint both their house and pool cage at the same time.

The pool screen is pulled off its frame: Pool screens are often ripped from the groove of the aluminum frame. The edges of a stretched screen can start to tear away from the frame. The aluminum framing that holds the screens in position could be weakening. Replacing the entire screen enclosure might be cheaper if this happens in multiple places.

Here’s How to Know When It’s Time for a Full Pool Cage Replacement!

You can avoid costly and dangerous situations by knowing when to replace your pool enclosure. How to tell if your pool enclosure needs replacing:

Excessive algae growth: Florida’s humid and warm climate creates ideal conditions for algae growth. Algae can be difficult to remove using regular cleaning methods. If left unchecked, it will spread quickly across your entire screen enclosure.

Hardware that is missing or rusted: If you see the bolts are missing or the screws or fasteners have rusted, replacing the whole pool cage would be better. A defective pool enclosure can detach during a storm and could cause severe damage to you or your property.

Large visible tears: Small tears can be easily repaired, but large visible rips are a more serious problem. Even if the screen is repaired in longer sections, it won’t last long. For every tear you can see, there will likely be a few more hidden ones.

Aged or outdated: A pool enclosure that is old or outdated may need to be replaced for cosmetic reasons. You may have recently renovated your home or moved to a new house with a worn and old pool enclosure. The new enclosure will enhance the appearance of your pool and add value to your property.

Pool Cages Increase Property Valuation & Living Space

A pool cage will make your home seem larger because you’re creating a new living area in your backyard. You can turn the space into entertaining by adding a bar, outdoor kitchen, dining area, or furniture. You can also open your windows and doors in the rear of your house to let in fresh air without worrying about bugs or debris. Enjoy the patio and dip in your pool, even if it rains.

A Pool Cage Will Make Your Pool Much Cleaner

You may own a swimming pool and know what a hassle it is to maintain it. This involves chasing debris in the water. It is time-consuming and difficult to do. Pool cages can help keep your pool looking pristine and save you time. The pool enclosures keep leaves, sticks, and bugs out of your pool.

A pool enclosure can help increase your young children or pets’ safety while they enjoy the pool and patio.

The Pool Cage Increases Comfort

In our area, bugs such as wasps and mosquitoes can be a nuisance. Certain insects, such as mosquitos, carry dangerous viruses like West Nile that can cause serious illness to anyone bitten. Wasps, bees, and other stinging insects can be scary for those who are allergic. Many people in our area spend less time outside, especially around their patio and pool, because insects are so prevalent. The pool cage keeps insects away from your family and the pool.

You Can Save a Lot of Money

Nobody likes to throw money away. You don’t want to lose the money and time you invested in maintaining your pool. The hot sun will quickly evaporate any chemicals that you have added to your pool water. The water in your pool will also evaporate quickly, so you must keep adding water to maintain the level. A custom pool cage installed around your pool or adjacent patio will reduce water evaporation dramatically, allowing you to use less water to maintain the water level. The pool cages reduce the amount of chemicals required to maintain your pool. If you add chemicals to your pool, they will evaporate slowly.


Repairing pool cages is often seen as a quick and simple solution, but they may not be the most cost-effective or durable. Pool cage replacement may seem expensive, but in the end, it will provide you with security, convenience, and longevity.

Remember that no matter what path you choose, attempting to do major repairs or replacements yourself can cause more harm than good. It’s better to leave the job to professionals.

Pool Screen Repair Services Bradenton LTD is a leading pool cage replacement and repair service. Whether a quick fix or a full cage replacement, our specialists are committed to providing outstanding service. No matter how harsh the Florida weather is, we take great pride in keeping your pool secure and safe.


What is the purpose of a pool cage?

A pool enclosure can help you maintain your pool’s pristine appearance and save time. The pool enclosures keep leaves, sticks, and bugs out of your pool.

How long can a pool cage be used?

The lifespan of a pool enclosure is between five and twenty-five. Many materials can be used in construction and maintenance. Each material has its effect. An enclosure for your pool can be an important investment.

How long will an aluminum pool cage last me?

Installing a strong aluminum pool enclosure that is corrosion-resistant can last up to 25 years.

What should I do with my pool cage?

The removal and replacement of a pool cage are usually performed for maintenance purposes, like when the old screen enclosure shows signs of worn-out. It could be that the cage has holes or is structurally weak. Or it may have loose screws.

What color is the pool cage?

Pool cages are available in white or bronze. The opposite is true. Many people think a white screen enclosure blends in better, but it’s not the case. The bronze color of a screen porch will blend in with your landscape and surroundings much better than white.

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