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A Comprehensive Guide to Pool Screen Repair

Are you tired of looking at your damaged pool screen but unsure of how to tackle the repair? Don’t let a torn screen deter your refreshing swimming sessions. Welcome to our comprehensive guide to pool screen repair! 

This guide is meticulously crafted to elucidate every facet of fixing your pool screen, even if you’re a novice in DIY tasks. Leaning on the expertise of professionals in screen repair services, we’ll walk you through the end-to-end process, ensuring you have all the information and skills needed to handle the job. 

Whether it’s minor damage or a screen that needs a complete overhaul, navigating the intricacies of screen repair services just became a breeze. So, dive in, and let’s restore the glory of your pool together!

What Is a Pool Screen?

A pool screen protects the pool from unwanted elements. Unwanted elements include insects, birds in flight that require water, flying debris, and UV rays.

It covers more than just the pool. The pool deck is also covered. The pool and its surroundings are kept clean and tidy for you to use whenever you want.

You can choose from various pool screens that suit your personality and taste. Below are more details.

Types of Pool Screen

A. The Standard Pool Screen

Standard pool screens are the most common. These screens are strong enough to remove insects, dirt, and alligators. These are strong.

B. The Two-Story Pool Screen

It is possible to incorporate your balconies into the pool. Choose a two-story screen to see your pool directly from your balcony.

C. Extreme View Pool Screen

The Extreme View Pool Screen helps you maintain the view of your backyard. The screen is designed to eliminate obstructions and provide a wider and longer view, up to 54 inches long.

When Should You Replace the Pool Screen?

You can save money by repairing your screen. A screen replacement will be necessary as pool screens do not last forever.

When you notice these signs, it’s time to replace the pool screen.

  1. The screen is now dull and lacks color. The screen also appears weak.
  2. You can see tears on your screen. It doesn’t matter if the tears are small or large. It doesn’t matter how big or small the tears are.
  3. If you notice that algae or molds have grown on your pool screen, it is time to change the screen. It is important to replace the pool screen when you see this. This growth can be harmful to pool users’ health.
  4. Because the joints are weak, it is difficult to fasten the pool screen.

The other factors that determine the outcome of a case include

  • How long do you plan to live in your house? You can do screen repairs until you are ready to sell your home if you plan on selling it soon.

If you intend to remain there for some time, it is best to replace the entire screen.

  • Your family is now bigger. Your family has grown. You might need a bigger pool screen. Your needs have changed since you added your children to the family.

You should replace your pool screen if the area is too small to allow your whole family to use the pool simultaneously.

How to Repair or Replace the Pool Screen?

You can repair your pool screen yourself, or you can call in a professional. You should be aware that hiring a professional could cost a lot. Pool screens are typically capital-intensive.

If you want to do it yourself, follow the guide below.

  1. It is best to leave the screened-in pool in place and stretched if you see a tear at the top.
  2. You can use a ladder to reach places that you cannot touch. Ask someone else to help secure the ladder at the base. It’s important to do this so you don’t have an accident or fall.
  3. Purchase some pool screen mesh. Buy some pool screen mesh.
  4. Apply silicone caulk to the mesh edges and hole. It will stick better. Press the mesh patch into place firmly to cover the hole.
  5. Both should be left together for several minutes. It will be retained later.
  6. Hold the patch for 24 hours to ensure it is dry and secure.
  7. Knowing that DIY repairs are only possible for small patches is important. If the tear or peeling joints are more extensive, you should replace the screen instead of just repairing it.

Get Your Custom-Made Pool Screen

A pool screen keeps your swimming area safe and healthy. If you’re concerned about your health or want to keep unwanted elements from the pool, a pool screen is a must. It may seem expensive, but considering how long it will last, it is well worth it!


Our comprehensive guide to pool screen repair provides you with the knowledge and guidance you need to ensure the longevity and functionality of your pool screen. With this information, you should be well-prepared to address any problems with your pool screen. However, we recognize that not all problems can be resolved through professional service.

If you’re in the Bradenton area, worry no more! Pool Screen Repair Services Bradenton is at your service, specializing in handling various pool screen repairs efficiently and effectively. Investing in professional services saves time and energy and ensures your pool screen’s longevity and aesthetics.

As we conclude, don’t let problems with your Pool Cage dampen your swimming sessions or compromise your health. Reach out to experienced professionals in the field, like Pool Screen Repair Services Bradenton, and see the difference expertise can make in maintaining your swimming pool area. Say goodbye to the stress of a damaged pool screen, and enjoy your pool as you deserve to – with peace of mind and a great deal of enjoyment. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Pool Screen Repair Services Bradenton today!


Can you patch a pool screen?

The pool screens are designed to be durable and last a long time. This doesn’t make them immune to tears. Especially if they have been used for some time, you can patch up small tears if they occur.

How much does it cost to install a screen around a pool?

Pool Screens are costly. The cost of your pool screen will depend on a few factors.

  • The size of the pool
  • The roof shape
  • The size of the pool screen
  • The pool screen material.

You can still expect to pay between $1000 and $3500 for a complete pool screen. This includes both the materials and labor costs.

Consider the following before you spend a lot of money on a pool screen:

  • How long do you plan to stay in the same place?
  • What is the likelihood of selling it?
  • What is your budget for the year?
  • Are you infested with animals and insects?
  • Do you own a pet?
  • Do you have time to clean your screen regularly?
  • Answering these questions can help you decide if an investment is worth it.
  • What is the best pool screen material?

Pool screens come in different styles. The most popular are fiberglass and polyester materials. The fiberglass material is very durable. The material can last up to 9 years.

The best material for a screened pool is polyester. It is more durable than fiberglass and strongly resistant to UV rays.

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