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Rescreening Pool Enclosures: The Ultimate Know-How Guide for Homeowners

Rescreening your pool enclosure may be one of the most effective ways to revitalize your outdoor space, yet many homeowners overlook it. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll find all the important details about pool screen rescreening, dispelling any uncertainties surrounding the process. 

Whether you’re getting ready for the warm summer months or simply looking to enhance the aesthetic value of your home, pool screen rescreening can offer numerous benefits. Unlock the secrets to a successful and efficient rescreening project with our practical advice and expert tips.

All You Need to Know About Rescreening Pool Enclosure

It may be time to replace the enclosure screen if you have had your pool for several decades. The screens will degrade with time, regardless of whether they have a nominal lifespan of five or ten. A deteriorating screen will offer a different comfort and protection, reducing the pool’s overall experience.

It’s better to leave the rescreening of the screens to professionals. Replacing a screen is a difficult and dangerous job. Learning about rescreening allows you to select the best service. Learn everything you need to know about rescreening your pool enclosure.

When to Do a Rescreen?

Rescreening is necessary when screen parts start to sag or when some panels collect visible bugs and debris. The strings of panels that collect bugs are about to fall apart. Saggy panels indicate that the screen is not properly held in place. This type of degradation will occur over time due to exposure.

Do I Need to Replace the Entire Panel or Just the Worn-Out Panels?

Replacing only the panels with problems is better than keeping the rest. Replacing the whole screen is more cost-effective than catching loose panels. If one screen panel is beginning to wear, the others will follow. To replace them, you must make multiple service calls, one after the other. This can add up in costs.

Select the Correct Screen

Contact the right professional once you decide to rescreen your enclosure. The price will vary from firm to firm, but you should not take the lowest quote. The higher price tag for a screen with an extended warranty will be worth it. Polyester screens can last up to 20 years or longer, much longer than other materials. Artisan screens could be of better quality and should be avoided.

Get Proper Protection Against Bugs

Small critters can ruin anyone. The enclosure screen should protect from tiny insects. Ask for a No-See-Um screen. The thick Phifer Mesh will ensure that most bugs remain outside the pool enclosure and away from people.

Replace the Enclosure Fasteners

Consider replacing enclosure fasteners when you rescreen. Metal fasteners can rust over time and cost more to replace than the enclosure. Repair costs can be significantly reduced by combining the two services. The newer fasteners will hold the screen even in high winds. They are made from durable materials.


Maintaining the health and vitality of your pool enclosure enhances your residential area’s overall look and creates a safer, cleaner space for you and your family. Pool service can be a complex topic, but as experts in the field, we aim to make it easily understandable. 

From catching the first signs of screen degradation to deciding when to opt for an entire screen replacement, this ultimate know-how guide provides you with everything you need to make an informed decision. Remember that professional help is always available for these potentially dangerous and challenging tasks.

Choosing the right service provider is an important decision, and we suggest that you consider Pool Screen Repair Bradenton for your rescreening needs. With years of experience, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. You can be confident about the quality of their work and extended warranty offerings.

Ready to give your pool enclosure a fresh new look? Grab the opportunity without waiting any further. Contact Pool Screen Repair Bradenton today! Unleash a rejuvenated pool screen’s comfort, protection, and aesthetic appeal. Take your pool experience to the next level.

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